Online Shop Setup Tutorial - Submit business registration, apply for opening a store

Submitting business registration and applying for opening a store is the third step in the teaching setup of opening an online store. Customers need to submit a business registration certificate to apply to open an online store.  Upon approval on the application, you can select to use the logistic suppliers and payment gateways available in the platform.

How to submit a business registration application to open a store?

Click on the “Product Management” in the left navigation bar, click on “Product Setup”.  Click on the yellow button to add a new product.

First, click on the bottom left of the layout to select the picture, then select the photo and confirm. When done press the green upload image button and go back to submit.  Normally your application will be replied within one working day. After the application is approved, you will receive a notification of successful activation by email.

Submitting Business Registration and Application for Opening Instructional Videos

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