eShop Platform Scenario-

Helpdesk x eShop x Logistic to Increase Sales Conversions

ebixPRO eShop platform Scenario- an example on how Online Helpdesk, eShop Platform, and Logistic System can work together streamline a eShop visitor’s shopping experience to increase eShop conversions.

Guide to Checkout

Embedding Online Helpdesk to your eShop, visitors can call out live chat anytime to ask for product infos and recommendations, streamlining their purchase journey to make the decision.

Promotion Link Shortcut

Every time you set a new promotion, eShop Platform generates a shortcut link in the backend of your Online Helpdesk.  Whenever your representatives find out a potential need, they can simply copy and paste the link in live chat to trigger a sales.

Real-time Delivery Tracking

After purchase, customers can get the delivery reference link from live chat to track the delivery status in real time.

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