Terms of Service

Terms of service Please read these terms of service (referred to as “terms” hereinafter) carefully as below that are applicable to your use of ebixPRO https://www.ebixPRO.com ( referred to as “ebixPRO”hereinafter):

Acceptance of the terms

ebixPRO offers service for you according to these following terms, our company have rights to modify the terms any time, neither notify you nor take any responsibility. If you continue to use the service after the modifications, that means you agree the revised terms. If you do not agree, you must stop using it. Therefore, you should view the latest terms in the website any time. In addition, when using ebixPRO update service( e.g. Commerce website and other Value added system module etc.), you accept the additional terms. If there are any contradicted, please abide by the terms of updated service.


Service Description

ebixPRO nowadays offers you tools and service (referred to as “service” hereinafter). This service only serves for the legally binding business organization, if you are not, please do not use this service. ebixPRO can reject to offer service to anyone in our sole discretion. For using this service, you should prepare all the devices of internet by yourself and pay for the connection fee and all the relevant service charge.


Registration qualification and obligation

ebixPRO can reject any registration of this service without any reason. You cannot register and use this service until you meet these following qualifications: Must local legal registered company (if necessary, ebixPRO has rights to require you to offer the legal registered certification.) Accept the service terms of ebixPRO. Your registration is meant to accept the terms; You agree that upon submitting your registration to be a member, you will receive email notifications on ebixPRO’s updated news and promotion offers, you can cease receiving emails by clicking on the unsubscribed button at the bottom of the received emails; Take all the action and fulfill the necessary authorization of this term; The company information what you filled in the application table is true, accurate, updated and completed; You will maintain and update the registration information immediately to make sure it is true, accurate, updated and completed; You conform to the terms of legal member registration quality. If break the rule, ebixPRO has rights to cancel your member quality in the case of inform or not inform.


Member login name, password and security

After finish the registration of our service, you will receive a member login name and password. You must keep login name and password to yourself and prevent any unauthorized use. You should take the full responsibility for the activities by using login name and password. If your login name or password is unauthorized used, or any other security problem happened, you should contact ebixPRO immediately. If you suffer any loss or damage as not abide by this regulation, ebixPRO will not take the responsibility. If you don’t login in 90 days, your member will be cancel. However, the information like company, product, purchasing information ect. that you posed will be kept and saved for a year.


Users’ Responsibility

All things what you know including information, words, software, music, photo, image, video, messages or other information, no matter paste in public or send privately, providers should take the responsibility of such things. That means you take the full responsibility of the emails uploaded, pasted and sent or the content sent by the service. You agree to use the service for business purpose and will not sell or transfer the member to others. The content you posted on ebixPRO conform to and apply to the content requirements to users, you agree ebixPRO determine by itself only to modify, delete or hide any content that do not meet the requirements under the circumstance of inform or not inform you. When using this service, you shall agree the following terms:

– Will not copy, reproduce, make public, distribute, sell or in any other ways competitive to ebixPRO directly or indirectly, use the service and content in the service for the business purpose.

– Will not delete or modify the notice of any copyright or other ownership of the content provided by ebixPRO;

– Will not submit or transmit any sorts of illegal, cheat, defamatory, libelous, obscene, sexually explicit, profane, threatening, dirty, hate, objectionable or other bad or immoderate content, including without limitation transmit those contain or entice to criminal offense or lead to civil responsibility, or violate any local、country, national or foreign laws and regulations in any way;

– Will not invade anyone any rights, trademark, business secret, copyright or other exclusive right;

– Will not submit or transmit any advertisement, lobbying, chain letter, pyramid plan, investment opportunity or plan or other business communications provided not under the requirements;

– Will not submit or transmit any content those contain any virus, spoofing, worms or other harmful things;

– Will not use the service to collect email address and content of others without their approval;

– Will not send spam;

ebixPRO cannot control the content posted by the service, therefore, we do not guarantee the content is accurate, complete and high qualified. When you get to know and use the service, you may contact something objectionable, inappropriate, repulsive, error or cheating, please use carefully. In any case, ebixPRO will not take responsibility of any content, including but not limited to those any errors or mistakes of any content, and any loss and damage caused by posted, sending email or submit by the service. For the quality of database of ebixPRO, we have rights to hide the inappropriate or uncompleted product information or purchasing information under the circumstance of inform or not inform you.


Free Value-Added Module

ebixPRO has both Free and value-added parts. Each registered user can use the free part permanently, with unlimited number of user in your system, and ebixPRO offers each user 1GB Storage space. For the principle of business justice, the term of validity of each user is three year, if user continues to use ebixPRO, you should sign the service agreement each three years. The value-added part of ebixPRO is charged, if you use the relevant service, your service agreement (free and value-added part) will be auto extended for three years. All rights reserved to our company and we can modify the charge and payment terms without your opinions, and new charge will take effect in the new service agreement.


Privacy Policy

Your personal information which is collected when we offer this service will be managed by the privacy policy of our company. About the privacy policy of ebixPRO, please refer to the privacy policy statement in the Site.

You grant the right of permissive use of ebixPRO

You grant the right of permissive use to ebixPRO that is unique, worldwide, permanent and free, which makes our company have rights to use, copy, revise, rewrite, post, translate, give out, carry out and display your information and content or make its derivative works. You also grant ebixPRO the right of permissive use to put your name in public for the operation and ebixPRO service promotion and you will not get any charge from us.



You agree that you violate any term of usage and/ or use this web page related to or produce any responsibilities, compensation for damages, appeal, lawsuit, fare and expense(including and not limited to legal fees) to defense for ebixPRO, compensate and let our company and the associated companies not suffer damages. If necessary, ebixPRO may take part in any defense for claim or lawsuit and any reconciliation. You will not make any settlement that may adversely affect our rights or obligations without our prior written approval.


Modification of service

ebixPRO has rights to modify any time, temporarily or permanently or terminate this service(or any part) in the case of inform or not inform you. No matter this service modify, suspend or terminate, you agree that ebixPRO will not take any responsibilities for you and any third person.


Contract Period

All signed contracts with ebixPRO have validation period for 2 years, starting for the initial effective day. If there is no additional subscription during the contract period, the contract period will not change. ebixPRO’s liability to the provision of the subscribed service only lasts as long as the contract ends. However, ebixPRO can terminate the contract as in the conditions specified in “Termination of Contract-ebixPRO”. Subscribing additional services during an existing contract period will automatically renew the contract period, that is a two-year period unless otherwise specified by ebixPRO.


Termination of Contract-by Subscriber

You can terminate the contract before the end of the contract period. However, you must send a notification to ebixPRO by emails two months in advance. The following subscription fees for the remaining two months will be charged as before the notification. In the case you have not notified ebixPRO before the end of the contract subscribed, you automatically agree to renew the contract for another two-year period.


Termination of Contract-by ebixPRO

You agree at ebixPRO’s discretion, your right of use will be terminated and any information and messages in the service ( e.g.your web page and purchasing information etc.) will be deleted for any reason, including but not limited the lack of use, or we consider you have violate the regulations and spirit of this service terms. ebixPRO can terminate this service and its any part any time in the case of inform or not inform you at its discretion. You agree to terminate without prior inform according to the service offered according to any regulations. You admit and agree, ebixPRO has to close or delete your ebixPRO account and all related information immediately. Otherwise, you agree ebixPRO will not take any responsibilities to you or any third person if use of the service is terminated.



This service or the third person can provide links to other website in global information web or resource. Due to ebixPRO cannot control linked sites and resources, you understand and agree that ebixPRO will not take any responsibilities for if the linked outer websites or resources are available. Any information, advertisement, products or other messages existed in or come from websites or resource does not mean ebixPRO agree and not take responsibility as well. You further agree that ebixPRO will not take any direct or indirect responsibility for any loss or damage caused by any information, commodities or service or supposed things using or believing or through linking any sites or resources.


Intellectual property rights

All Intellectual property rights of the site reserved to ebixPRO. All rights reserved under the applicable law here. Unless under the permission of ebixPRO, you cannot upload, post, issue, copy, transmit or give out any things on the website or set derivation works for the purpose of the website has copyright according to applicable law. Additionally, you understand and agree, this service and any related necessary software used by this service contain proprietary and confidential information protected by related intellectual property rights and other laws.



All information is for your reference only. ebixPRO will never take any responsibility for those information.

– You understand and agree the terms as below: The risk of using this service for users is taken by users their own. This service is provided base on current basis. ebixPRO makes no guarantee, express or implied, including but not limited to commercial sales, applicability for particular purpose and the right of not infringe others;

– ebixPRO makes no guarantee for those items as below: i) This service meets users’ need; ii) The service undisturbed, provides security and reliability or free from errors in time; iii) The results by using this service is correct, sufficient or reliable; iv) Any products, services, messages or other information users buy or get from this service meet users’ expectation; v)

– Any errors will be revised in software. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the Service is done at each User’s sole discretion and risk and each User is solely responsible for any damage to computer system or loss of data that may result from the download of any such material.

– No advice or information, whether written or oral, obtained by any User from ebixPRO or from the Service shall create any warranty not expressly stated herein.


Limitation of Liability

In any circumstance, ebixPRO or its associated companies shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever including any business or loss of profits caused by you or any other people who use or not able to use this service. Even though ebixPRO or its associated companies realize the loss and compensation that may caused, it is so. While users use or explain the information, should make use of and rely on their own skills and judgment. You have responsibility to ensure that you abide by the law while using the information. The limitations and exclusions of liability under the Terms shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by law.



Never further notice that general terms or other items of this service are subject to change. Therefore, you should refer to the latest terms of service any time.


Law regulation and jurisdiction

The terms of service shall be governed by the law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. You agree to accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Hong Kong court.


Chinese version

In events of any conflict and discrepancy between Chinese version and English version of the service terms, the Chinese version shall prevail. Any unclear in Chinese version, please refer to English version.