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We Provide a Unified eShop Platform to Maximise Conversion Rates

Our unified eShop platform automates workflows with data analytics to help you maximise conversion rates at every step of your sales and marketing funnels.

How to manage cross-channel communication?

How to effectively convert my marketing funnels?

How to integrate my logistic fulfilment into my eShop?

Our Unified eShop Platform solves these all- Online Helpdesk x eSHop x Logistics

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Brand Positioning


Cross Boarder

Be a leading e-commerce application developer, digitalising cross-boarder businesses.


Unified eShop

We provide a unified eShop platform to maximise conversions



Personalised and automated workflows bring success.


Be a leading ecommerce application developer, bridging cross-boarder business globally.


Empower our users to tailor business flows in a smarter way, by providing simple DIY solutions.


Digitalizing and personalizing business operations bring success.

Why Choose ebixPRO's eShop Platform?


Change For Success​

We deliver continuous improvement on new functions, UI/UX, workflow automations, and data application.


Work As One​

All major eShop functions are merged together in a unified platform for conversions.



Create workflow automations with data analytics embedded in every step of your marketing funnels.


Change for success​

Just-in-time buy & use Handy setup with templates & batch processing


Work as one​

Modularised applications Form your most effective operation


Tailor your business​

Innovative applications to reshape your operation Make you lead UX of your customers

What Does Our Unified eShop Platform Offer?

Online Helpdesk x eShop x Logistic

Online Helpdesk x eShop x Logistic- All-in-one

 All functions, workflows, and data in our eShop are unified to work as one.

 Every step of your eShop workflows are empowered by data analytics for the best decision making.

Automatic Workflows

Create Workflows with Synergies

 Online Helpdesk backend showing latest promotions to use

eShop connecting Online Helpdesk, to synchronise data for customer segmentations.

 Upon receiving orders, auto-send emails to different warehouses according to product storage locations.

Source,behavior sales

Collect Behavioural Data along the Customer Journey

 Online Helpdesk collects user inquiry data to trigger labelling for segmentation.

 Online Helpdesk backend shows customers’ labels and histories.

 Individual Customer Profiles with dashboards and interaction logs for personalised campaigns.

 Simple integration with Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager for in-depth analysis

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To Use A Unified eShop To Run Your Business

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