Data Analytic System


Data Analytics Helpdesk x eShop x Customer

ebixPRO’s data analytic system embeds a complete full picture into your eShop.  It helps track conversion data from every angle presented in graphs.  You can even interact directly with the graphs to get insights right the way.  Don’t miss out the analytics on your individual customers before launching new promotions.  

Data Analytics System Device

Data Analytic System- Features

Helpdesk Analytics Chart

Helpdesk Analytics

• Helpdesk Dashboard- It analyzes the service levels and records on your customer service representatives. 

• Helpdesk Behavior Analysis- provides the stats on the usage of your helpdesk

eShop Analytics

• eShop Dashboard- Provides KPIs and Graphs focusing on sales conversions.

• eShop Analysis- set conditions to sort and filter outliners for further actions.

eShop Analytics Chart
Customer Analytics Chart

Customer Analytics

• Customer List- an overview of the list of your customers in order, for you to quickly find out outliners.

• Individual Customer Profile- Provide an in-depth customer trace.  You can directly add a customized label or assign customer groups there.  

Data Analytic System Functions

For eShops

For Customers


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