Privacy Policy

This “Privacy Policy” explains (“ebixPRO”) how to protect privacy, please read it carefully! By agreeing the “Terms of Service” of ebixPRO, you signify that you have agreed that your personal information may be used and published by this Privacy Policy. All the terms of this policy is a part of Terms of Service.

Collection and Use of Information

– When you register ebixPRO’s account, you may provide your personal information, such as company name, company address, contacts etc. Not providing personal information may cause that we can not handle the related registration issues.

– Your personal information may be collected in other services that ebixPRO provided, e.g. publishing or inquiring information in Purchase Messages.

– ebixPRO will automatically receive and record your networking protocol address, visited website and numerical value on the browser server etc. to backup statistical information for the service condition of this website.

– When you order the paid service of ebixPRO, we may extra acquire your information, such as information of bills and credit card. This information also may be provided to banks and other amount institutions that used to authorize this deal.

– In ebixPRO, information may be used for:

• Registration of users, or registration, purchase, inquiry or response of service;

• Internal operation of ebixPRO;

• Promotion service;

• Authorization of payment;

• Disclosure by applicable laws in Hong Kong and abroad;

• Preparation of normal statistical information;

• Other related items.

Disclosure of Personal Data

All personal information held by ebixPRO is under a duty of confidentiality, but may be provided to any corporations or organizations as below:

– that provide ebixPRO with services associated with business operation of our website;

– that provide you with products or service what you want;

– that in accordance with the applicable laws in Hong Kong and abroad.

Information Used in Common

While registering to use service of ebixPRO, you may understand that your partial ID data will be listed on “Contact Us” of your website automatically. These data will be public to our users.


ebixPRO will set and access Cookie into your computer. In order to save your time, you do not re-enter your personal data while visiting ebixPRO again or using our service. We also will collect the statistical information of browsed web pages and pattern of utilization to calculate the page view by cookie, in order to judge the popularity of each part of this website and obtain general statistics data of users. If you reject all cookies in your browser, the service or features that we provide to you may be unavailable.

Modification or Cancel of Account Information

You may modify your company profile and password after login ebixPRO. If you want to cancel your account information of ebixPRO, please email us by “Contact Us”.


In order to guarantee your right of privacy, your account information of ebixPRO will be protected by a password. Only can be operated by ebixPRO authorized personnel, who assigned to handle personal data will be familiar with this privacy policy. We employ corresponding security methods to ensure the correct use of the information we hold.

With scope of services of ebixPRO continuously extended, this policy will be altered anytime. Welcome to review our policy, should you have any inquiries, please email us by “Contact Us”.