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The Online Helpdesk System to Maximise Conversion Rates

Online Helpdesk is a helpdesk system that helps generate leads and improve conversion rates, through promising features like embedded data analytics, deep integration with eShop promotions, knowledge base, 24/7 omni-channel live chat solutions, and more.

Product Features

24/7 Online Helpdesk Collaboration

Every inquiry ticket triggers an alert through emails and apps.  The CS team can then collaborate with freelancers to handle the inquiries by routing the tickets around in a 24/7 base.

Multi-channel Interaction

Potential leads can come from live chat/email/SMS, or social media channels like Facebook Messenger, Line, or Wechat. All channels can be handled altogether in our helpdesk backend directly.

FAQ to Knowledge Base

Browsing around FAQs may lead to nowhere, but your website visitors can follow your organised knowledge base to get the precise answers themselves.  This greatly enhances customer experience while reducing the workload of your CS team.  Moreover, you can directly showcase brand videos, posters, and POPs at any point to generate leads too.

Brand Building

Your brand style on the gadget can be highly customised in the html environment. You can change the display icon into a animated GIF, or use branded word styles, photos, and videos to enhance your brand proposition.

Brand Building​

Real-time Delivery Tracking

Combined to use with our eShop, customers can track delivery statuses directly in the helpdesk in real time.

Online Helpdesk- Functions Overview

Online Helpdesk

User Recommendations

Lifetime Free Usage

All functions are included in our free plan already, which is powerful enough for starters to use forever.  Plus, the free plan also includes free hosting for your personalised domain no additional charge on your chosen payment gateways, and no credit card infos ever needed.

Full ticketing system

Batch processing on data

Live Chat

Internet Security

Social Media Integration


Work Shift Scheduling

FAQ Tracking

Mobile App

Personalised Brand Identity

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