eShop Free Plan

Powerful Free Plan to Use Forever

eShop Free Plan

Powerful Free Plan to Use Forever

eShop Free Plan

Powerful Free Plan to Use Forever

eShop pricing starts from the Free Plan that Includes all functions to use, to paid plans based for advanced usage.  All plans already include personalised domain hosting, fully-functional Online Helpdesk, Logistics System, and CRM System.

Our Free Plan is powerful enough for small businesses to run forever, you don’t even need to provide credit card infos at all.





USD 38

Per month


USD 98

Per month

Free Plan- Functions Overview

Still Want More on Free Plan?

App Creation

Using the same eShop settings to create an app directly.  We will help you apply to list on the marketplace as well.

Additional Suppport

You may have additional needs when you run your business in our eShop platform.  Contact us for further customisation or support to meet any last-mile requirements.

SMS Plan

Purchase your SMS plan to enable all kinds of SMS notification service to you and to your customers.


To Use A Unified eShop Platform

Full Functions- Free

Custom Domain Hosting- Free

Starting Plan- Forever Free

Free Plan Consultation Service

Payment Gateway

Multi-currency auto-covertion



Internet Security


Multiple Language Support

Basic warehouse and logistic

Personalized Domain Name

Promotion Management

Full ticketing system

Batch processing on data

Live Chat

Social Media Integration


Work Shift Scheduling

FAQ Tracking

Mobile App

Personalised Brand Identity

Logistic Vendors

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