eCommerce Logistics System


Automatic Fulfilment Workflow

ebixPRO’s logistics system is designed for cross-boarder fulfilment needs.  Our logistics system itself is deeply integrated with a highly-scalable warehouse system for complex warehouse management.  We have already connected various logistics vendors and built numerous delivery options for you to choose from.  Enjoy the convenience of our split-order function to fulfil requirements in different scenarios.

eCommerce Logistics System- Features

Embedded Logistic Vendors​

Embedded Logistics Vendors

• Directly select a handful list of logistic vendors ready to be used.  

Auto Order Splitting

• Meet cross-boarder logistic compliance, automatically

• Manage fulfilment with multiple warehouse locations easily

Auto Order Splitting​
Scheduled Delivery​

Scheduled Delivery

• Prioritize your deliveries by customer segements

• Organise your delivery schedule to meet specified deadlines.

Logistics - Functions Overview

Logistics System

A Compele Logistics Solution-
in Offline Warehouse Support

Offline Warehouse Support

Our logistics solution does not end with providing systems, but a complete solution to include warehousing services- from storage, quality assurance, packing, to delivery. With our offline warehouse support, you may not need to see your products from sourcing to order fulfilment.

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Logistic Vendors

Couriers API Connection

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Auto Order Splitting

Pick & Pack

pick & pack

Scheduled Delivery