Online Shop Setup Tutorial - Set Up Payment Gateways

Setting up payment tools for online stores is the fourth step.  In this page we will instruct users how to add different payment methods for your online stores. ebixPRO now supports Visa, Mastercard, Payme, FPS, UnionPay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay, providing all the convenient online payment methods you need.

How to set up payment gateways for your online store?

First, press the button set by the payment platform and logistics provider on the home page of the system background. If you cannot return to the home page, you can press the home button in the top left corner.

After entering the settings page, scroll to the payment method item, select the payment method you want to add, and then press the pencil button to add it to your online store.

Finally, find the corresponding information from the backend of the payment tool and fill it in to use it. When using it, you need to pay attention to ensure that the payment gateway status and the online store status are turned on. If you want to suspend to use it, turn off the button.

STRIPE_ENDPOINT_SECRET column please fill in as “

Instructional video on setting up payment gateways for your online store

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