Online Shop Setup Tutorial - Connecting with Logistics Providers

Connecting the logistics provider is the last step of your online shop setup process. After completing the logistics provider connection setup, you can start your online store business. ebixPRO provides multiple local or international logistics operators for you to connect with.

How to connect with logistics providers?

First, press the button set by the payment platform and logistics provider on the home page of the system background. If you cannot return to the home page, you can press the home button on the top left.

After entering the settings page, scroll to the payment method item, select the payment method you want to add, and then press the pencil button to add it to your online store.

After pressing the yellow new button, a form for adding logistics providers will pop up on the right. You can add logistics provider to fill in the information here, such as logistics provider, default shipping fee, default mode, etc. If the item has a red star, it means that it must be filled in or selected. After completion, click Save to successfully add a logistics provider.

Instructional video on connecting logistics providers

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