What is online helpdesk?

Improving customer experience

Improving customer experience

Online helpdesk is a single point of contact to provide customer service from centralized resources of a company or institution.

The purpose of online helpdesk in eCommerce is to improve customer experience along the customer journey, so as to increase traffic and engagement, speed up purchase decision making process, and induce on-going purchases.


How does a online helpdesk work in eCommerce?

A helpdesk consists of a frontend and a backend. Different from embedding instant messaging applications into your website that both users use a common interface, the backend used by the supply side has many more useful functions and infos to empower its service quality. 

Upon receiving an inquiry ticket, the ticketing system should be able to automatically assign it to the most relevant CS on duty to reply. 

All conversations should be recorded and categorized with labels for analyses and follow-up actions.


What are the differences between low-end and high-end helpdesk systems?

1. More settings in ticket redirection

2. More communication channels

3. More comprehensive customer data integrated into CS backend

4. More comprehensive report with analysis

5. More insights on customer feedback with analysis

6. More precise service level agreement (SLA)

7. More powerful privacy protection and settings

Find out more here (https://ebixpro.com/pros_and_cons_on_customer_service.html)

The helpdesk system to maximize conversion rates

ebixPRO’s Customer Service Management (CSM) is a helpdesk system that helps generate leads and improve conversion rates for ecommerce, through promising features like dynamic know base, 24/7 omni-channel live chat, and multi-department collaboration.

24/7 service to maximize conversion rate

ebixPRO’s weekly duty schedule helps you provide seamless professional customer support online. Every inquiry ticket is distributed automatically to the CS representative on duty, which can then be redirected to the other more relevant CS if needed anytime. This empowers the whole CS team to work remotely or to work from home in a 24/7 base, maximizing the conversion rate and ROI on advertisements.

From FAQs to knowledge base

FAQs are meant to solve the most common inquiries, while ebixPRO’s knowledge base is designed to solve more than 90% of inquiries. This is achieved through our easy-to-update DIY backend, enabling you to keep up with the changing demand without troubling your developer all the time. 

Your presentation style can be highly customized. You can specify your word format, or put photos and videos at any point of the knowledge base to enhance your brand proposition. Boost your sales by inserting promotions into your knowledge base now.

Different from content management systems, ebixPRO’s knowledge base can let customers directly track their personal purchases and delivery statuses after setting up API connections. They can also switch to live chat anytime with their browsing destinations directed to a CS representative, for the CS to reply with preset answers or more accurate answers accordingly.

Lead conversion in a single platform

CSM enables your leads to come through various channels, including live chat, emails, or SMS, or social media like Facebook and Wechat, allowing leads to reach you anytime within a few finger tips. 

Set up your work shift schedule for the full time, the part time, the outsourcing partners, and the freelancers in your company to convert leads from inquiries seamlessly, the functions for ticket redirection, history recalling, and preset answers makes an outsider serve as good as a full-time staff, if not better, enabling better cost control to maximize your ROI.

User Experience is the core

The most useful helpdesk does not necessarily mean to provide the best specs. Mostly importantly is how much the system pay attention to the users’ needs. Most of the time the simpler work flow the easier to achieve a purpose. Helpdesk users should first set their purposes of using a helpdesk in mind, then try and experience how a helpdesk can fulfil their needs. 

CSM comes with a dedicated mobile app to extend its convenience to use. CSM users can set up the alert and the ticket redirecting function, working anytime, anywhere, and together to lead the customer experience for the success of your business.

Arthur: ebixPRO team

Date: 2021-04-01

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