Online Shop Setup Tutorial - Personalize your Online Shop Layout Design

After completing the 8-minute on-boarding setups, you need to personalize your layout design to officially operate your online shop. The design of the online store is as important as the decoration of the physical store. Our module-based editor allows you to easily create an online shop in personalized styles.

How to personalize your online shop layout design?

Create eShop

First click to create an online shop, select “Create eShop” in the navigation menu on the left, click “eShop Editor (Web)” to enter the web layout page.

First click on the drop down menu in the top left corner of the body screen, select the section you need to change, for example “home page”.  Then go to the right navigation bar to enable or disable the components you need. After selecting the preferred components, you can click on any of them to edit, for example “slideshow”.

This is the slideshow component on the homepage, you can personalize this component with different design elements.

Personalize Online Shop Layout Design Tutorial

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