eShop Warehouse Support

Complete O2O eShop Solution

Our eShop Platform solution does not end with providing systems, we also provide a complete O2O eShop Platform solution in warehousing, from storage, quality assurance, packing, to delivery. With O2O solution, you may not need to see your products from sourcing to delivery.

eShop Warehouse Support

Warehouse Solution 1-

Our warehouse is more than 5000 square feet, capable of dealing with 150 pallets at the same time.

Warehouse Solution 2-
Quality Assurance and Packing

We have several teams of packing staffs to support different packing requirements according to your needs. We support bundling packing, special packing, or upgrading packing for existing products, and more.

Packing service

Warehouse Solution 3- Delivery

Using our Logistic System with our offline support to let us automate your order fulfilment processes. We can handle the one-stop warehousing service in your customised requirements.