A Complete eShop Solution

Helpdesk x eShop x Logistic

A Complete eShop Solution

Helpdesk x eShop x Logistic

Unified eShop Platform

Helpdesk x eShop x Logistic

ebixPRO Integrates Online Helpdesk, Logistics System, Data Analytics, and CRM all-in-one.  Create mobile apps directly in the platform, set up re-marketing promotions based on CRM analytics, and push campaigns through Campaign Manager to emails, apps, sms, or social media once for all.

All functions in eShop work seamlessly together to enable workflow automations that drastically speed up your optimisation cycles.

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A Complete eShop Solution- Features

Warehouse and Logistics

Upon receiving purchased orders, eShop automatically splits the delivery orders according to stock locations to send notification emails.

complete eShop solution in Warehouse and Logistics​
Complete eShop solutions in Re-marketing


Triggered by embedded assigned conditional data, eShop creates re-marketing promotions by means of coupons/discounts/bundles, push them out to multiple channels by Campaign Manager, automatically.

Direct App Creation

Your eShop can directly create mobile applications in IOS/Andriod, by automatically extracts the same settings from the web version.

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A Compele eShop Solution-
in Offline Warehouse Support

Offline Warehouse Support

Our eShop solution does not end with providing systems, but a complete solution to include warehousing services- from storage, quality assurance, packing, to delivery. With our offline warehouse support, you may not need to see your products from sourcing to order fulfilment.

A Complete eShop Solution-
Lifetime Free Plan

All functions are included in our free plan already, which is powerful enough for starters to use forever.  Plus, the free plan also includes free hosting for your personalised domain no additional charge on your chosen payment gateways, and no credit card infos ever needed. 



Multiple Language Support

Payment Gateway

Multi-currency auto-covertion

Internet Security


Personalized Domain Name

Promotion Management

Basic warehouse and logistic